Oath becomes Samsung's premiere content partner following the launch of Galaxy S9 and S9+, featuring Oath's top brands: Yahoo Sports, Newsroom, Yahoo Finance and Verizon's Go90.

I was contracted as the animation director and art director by Oath to create a media release video for this partnership. There were multiple challenges in this project. The most significant one is the very limited production time(5 days for post production), and the amounts of deliverables: we need to deliver both landscape version(1920X1080) and vertical version(1080X1920), as well as different edits for different brands with customized messages for each. Technical wise, even with limited production time given, we decided to produce the product highlights in 3D pipeline, which gives us more flexibility for expressive and dynamic animation in order to demonstrate the beauty of the products. Additionally, due to the amount of stakeholders of this project(Verizon, Samsung, Oath, Yahoo Sports, Newsroom, Yahoo Finance, Go90), I designed a pipeline allowing us to replace products UIs efficiently during the review and approval session.

Client: Oath

Executive Producer: Ana Pedros
Producer: Michelle Ortega, Libby Luna
Copy writer: Zachary Maricondia,

Animation/Art Director: Angela Yu
Designer: Zack Patterson, Carlos Tsoi, Angela Yu
3D Animationer: Zack Patterson, Carlos Tsoi, Joel Berroteran, Tim Rice
2D Animationer: Zack Patterson, Angela Yu
Editor: Ian Montgomery

Music: Koyotie-"New Best Thing"

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The video is featured on the  oath.com

The video is featured on the oath.com


Vertical video 1920X1080